Battery Bank Sizing

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Step 1

Determine how many watts of battery backup storage you want or need using our battery backup calculator. For this example we will assume we need 4400 watts.

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Step 2

Determine what hour rating you would like to use. We recommend choosing a 20hr or 24hr rating (depending on manufacturer) because this translates to cyclying your batteries once a day. This is recommended for all off-griders. We will use the AGM PVX-3050T batteries because they are sealed and maintenance free. No need to worry about equalizing them. These batteries are 6V and have a 305Ah rating for a 24hr period.

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Step 3

Determine desired depth of discharge. (There is a case to be made for higher depth of discharge when initial cost outweighs longevity.)

For this example we use 30% discharge.

30% Discharge will last you approximately 2000 life cycles

40% Discharge will last you approximately 1500 life cycles

50% Discharge will last you approximately 1000 life cycles

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Step 4

Pick a battery and convert it to Watts.

This example uses 305Ah, 6V, and 30% discharge

305Ah x 6V =1830 Watts

30% Discharge =1830 x 30% = 549 Watts.


However, if we wanted to discharge the battery 40%, we would get

1830 x 40% = 732 Watts.

Also, at 50% discharge

1830 x 50% = 915 Watts

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Step 5

Our goal was to build a 4400 watt battery bank using 30% discharge cycling the batteries once a day.

This can be accomplished by putting 8 batteries in series (48V total)

8 batteries x 549Watts = 4392 (These 8 batteries will be enough to power our 4400 watt needs)

By comparison, take a look at different watt ouputs for different discharge levels.

(40% discharge) 732 x 8 = 5856 Watts.
(50% discharge) 915 x 8 = 7320 Watts.

Notice how the same 8 batteries can give you more power if needed (* As mentioned above, a deeper discharge will result in a reduced lifetime)

We choose 30% because if cycled daily, this bank will last anywhere between 5-7 years without the need for replacement or maintenance.

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Less parallel strings are better. Try not to go above 2

Higher bank voltage and lower individual battery voltage is better when storing large amounts of energy.

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