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The Hardy Solar E-panels use breakthrough technology to input and out put 240V with out the need for dual inverters and all the complicated stacking issues associated with dual inverters. That's rite 240 in and 240 out for a well balanced single inverter off grid system.

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Our Hardy Solar proprietary e-panels are built by Robin Gudgel. Robin has played a roll in every important inverter advancement to date. Robin has finally documented some interesting facts as to the history or evaluation of the modern off grid inverter.

More Info History of Inverter by Robin Gudgel!
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We guarantee Robins Hardy Solar E-panels to be the most cost effective, simplistic and reliable solution available for off grid living today. All the complicated aspects have already been completed and they are ready to install. No programming no wiring and best of all they work without a glitch. In order to run efficiently we must sell only products that require a minimal amount of support. It is for this reason we prefer to sell the MidNight Solar proprietary Hardy solar e-panels using our proprietary design featuring magnum inverters.

Below is an open door view of the MidNite solar proprietary Hardy Solar E-panel. These beauties are hand crafted by Robin Gudgel and his hand selected team of skilled craftsmen. Nothing is better or has ever been this easy.

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To save even more time and money get you e-panel bundled and integrated into a Hardy Solar Genverter system. These systems take the best possible generators and battery banks and combine them into an affordable, functional and most of all practical approach to off grid energy.

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